Sunday, July 12, 2015

And When I Die

Going to a concert when you are Social Security age is way different than going to a concert before you were of legal age to drink! Way different!

My wife and I just went to a Blood Sweat and Tears concert and I must admit that the crowd was a little more subdued than they would have been forty years ago; a lot more subdued and a lot grayer.

I didn’t know what to expect? Would the band members come out on stage with their walkers?

In fact, BS&T has been performing since 1967 and has been replacing band members all along.  The oldest member of the group we saw had been with the group for thirty years and didn’t really join the group until their string of hits and Grammies had ended.

One of the newest members of the group was Bo Bice; the runner-up finalist in the 2005 American Idol contest to Carrie Underwood. Bo brought his special gold album winning talent to the group which made for a great night. The new drummer was way better than in the original group.  It was a great night of blues, jazz and rock and roll!

There was more gray hair in the audience the night I went then at an ARRP barbeque. Not only were we older, but I think we were wiser then when we heard BS&T in the sixties.

How one perceives the lyrics to a song certainly varies by ones age. I can remember hearing BS&T songs in the seventies and thinking how radical and thought provoking they were; not so much anymore!

The BS&T classic “And When I Die” didn’t seem so threatening when I was twenty ; a little more now.  After the concert in the car on the way home, my wife and I both commented on how that song had a totally different meaning for us in the mellow years of our life!

When you are young, it might be okay to think about death as wanting to “go naturally”, but as I am now older, I want more assurances than just knowing that “there will be one child born, in our world, to carry on.” Still, I don’t “wanna go by the devil” or “wanna gby demon” or “wanna go by Satan” just like when I was when I was twenty, but because I lived a full life I know there is a Hell and I pray that I go to Heaven.

I also know that the only way to guarantee that you go to heaven is in giving your life to Jesus Christ!


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