Friday, August 14, 2020

The Americans with Disabilities Act


My Libertarian leanings have always made me lean towards having less Federal government. I never agreed with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that required handicap bathrooms, handicap access and handicap parking spaces for private businesses (public buildings are a different matter). I always felt that a private business shouldn’t be forced to make these accommodations; that they should be willing to make them on their own out of altruistic feelings or to attract more business. 

When I started writing my Hating God Trilogy, I chose Carl Spenser as one of my main characters who had lost both of his feet in Afghanistan serving in the Army. In “Hating God”, the first book of the trilogy he spent the entire book using a wheel chair. In “Ignoring God”, the second book of the trilogy he visits Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. in Manchester, New Hampshire to get fitted for a snazzy set of prosthetic feet and lower legs featuring the stars and stripes. He acclimates to these prosthetics fast and actually skis on them in “Loving God”, the final book of the trilogy. 

I had to do a lot of research about people in wheel chairs to write that first book. I had to think about how a person saddled with a wheel chair handled many things that we walkers take for granted. What type of bathroom set-up is conducive to a wheelchair bound person and how does the procedure even work? How hard is it to maneuver a wheel chair in inclement weather; forget about wheeling on ice or snow? How does a wheelchair bound person use a handicap bathroom stall? What kind of Olympic Gymnastic move is required to use a bathroom stall that is not handicap accessible? How hard is it to cook your own food? 

The more I researched how wheelchair bound people accomplished even the simplest actions, the more I empathized with them. I actually went through a major back surgery during this period and the thought of having to use a wheel chair for the rest of my life became more than just a thought exercise, but a distinct possibility. 

Political philosophies many times don’t stand up when they collide with the harsh realities of life. I must say that I am leaning more towards the ADA giving more benefit to mankind than it takes away. I must say that my dander still pops up when I drive by a strip mall and all four of the handicap parking spaces are always empty outside the martial arts studio. 


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